The earliest car bumper was invented by George Albert Lyon and usage started in 1897.  Car bumpers are safety features that help to block or lessen damage that could happen to your car during accidents.  Research has shown that car bumpers soak up most of the impact that occurs during low speed crash. It not only helps protect you and your passengers from but also some of the key gadgets such as exhaust, headlights, tail lights, hood and cooling systems. These components are all expensive to replace, and having a bumper can block or reduce the costs of service.

1. What materials are used?

If you look at the materials used, most OEM bumpers are essentially made from plastic, fibre or composite material. They could have an aluminium or steel reinforcement bar tucked away in the middle. Some bumpers may also contain polypropylene which serve to absorb energy during an impact.

2. What are the types of bumpers in cars?

The quality Bumper consists of a paint-matched cover made of plastic or other materials and comes with energy gripping mechanisms. The Step Bumper is used in some cars and SUVs. This type has bumpers that come with a step-shaped cut-out in the centre which sits just below the license plate.

3. When should you replace bumpers?

You must replace your bumpers if you get involved in a crash which damages the inner structure of your bumper. Make sure you get it replaced by an expert.

4. Order quality Car bumpers

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