Whether you are a professional mechanic or you just tinker around with cars, mining for your own parts has a number of useful benefits. Below is a list of just a few of the reasons to salvage your own auto parts from Prospect Used Auto Parts in Sheridan, Wyoming.

* It’s affordable

Ordering a brand new part can put an unwanted dent in your wallet. Why suffer the loss when you can quickly and easily pull your own part from our vast auto scrap yard? Don’t pay more for a part just because it is shiny, salvage useful and inexpensive parts at Prospect’s scrap yard. At only $1.00 to enter the scrap yard, you are sure to save money on your project and find some exciting deals.

* Refresh Refrigerant

While you’re obtaining a warm-up, make sure to ask your serviceman to check the refrigerant quality in your AC hydraulic, whether it seems to be working fine or the stream of cold air is weakly than usual. Over time, refrigerant becomes depleted, mainly if you live in a region that enjoys long, hot summer months and you happen to drive quite a bit.

* We are friendly

Far from some auto parts stores and websites, we are very friendly and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the auto parts salvage business. We take pride in being customer oriented and will happily point you in the right direction respecting the parts you require. moreover, for an extra fee, we will even pull the parts for you. We will also provide you with a 30-day warranty from date of purchase on all engines, transmissions, and transport cases that were pulled by Buy Used Engine And Transmission staff.

* You may find functional parts for other projects

With our huge option and friendly staff, you never know what parts you may come over that can help you with other jobs. In fact, seeing our selection may spark an idea for your next car project. With our competitive prices, you can afford to do that work on your car that you’ve always wanted to. Besides, our inventory is constantly changing, so keep inspecting back for new stock.

* It’s quick and more suitable

At Prospect Used Auto Parts there is no waiting for parts to come in and no frustration when they ship you the wrong part. By using our yard map, you can quickly and easily access the cars and parts you are looking for. Furthermore, we are conveniently located right in Wyoming. If you need help, our staff will be there to answer any questions you may have. You are free to spend all the time you need, but if you are looking to finish your job quickly, Buy Used Engine And Transmission is the place to go.